About Us

Our real estate firm was founded in 1994 with only three members, a believe that Central Florida is one of the best places to live in the world, and a dream of using years of insight and experience of the local real estate market to excel in all economic conditions; while giving back to the community as the same time.



Today we have 3 offices (located in Clermont. Mascotte and Webster) and 18 talented real estate agents, consultants, secretaries and assitants, each having an esoteric knowledge of the local neighborhoods, housing market and trend conditions, and a genuine desire to: 

  • make every client feel like they are our only client

  • help home sellers increase/optimize the market value of their homes

  • provide future home buyers a vast array of options to choose from

  • to work flexibly with each client



Mission Statement

To allocate an unparalled, and comprehensive portfolio of real estate services for our clients. 

Core Values

  • Dedication

  • Flexibility

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Teamwork 

Vision Statement

To intergatre contemporary technologies, while continuously capitlizing on new data from a plethora of venues to make all of our clients both happy and finanically leveraged.

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